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NSMC December 2021 Newsletter

Our regular sections

Presidents Pit Stop - Meanderings by our fearless leader. Always current and entertaining

New Member Welcome - Dave keeps us up on our continual growth

Show Scene - Ruth and Phil keep us abreast of show details. And let us know where we can all help....

Cruise Corner - With all of our great cruises, Steve is busy letting us know of the latest fun driving opportunity

Charity Update - The club is full of good works, and David shares the latest

Member's Machines - Your ride, your story. Each month we feature a members ride and story. We are always looking for submissions!

Members Adventures - All members are welcome to share a fun Mustang story or two

Major Hazard's Fun Zone - Dave lets us know about the next opportunity to leave a little rubber on the track. Or a rear end in some cases....

MCA Update - We are Minnesota's Mustang Club of America affiliate club. Pete lets us know what's going on at the national level

Wrencher's Corner - Major Hazard is back again with an adventure in the garage, and the related nightmares. This is another great opportunity to share your stories!

In The Trunk - Interesting Mustang and auto related tidbits. Guaranteed you haven't seen these before!

Sponsors - Thanks to the wonderful folks that help us keep our club afloat, and help with record-breaking giving every year